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Development History

Development History

2016.03.09   At the initial stage of establishment, BC-AngDi was mainly responsible for the domestic packaging, sales and after-sales service of Shenzhen Modiary Co., LTD. We provided high efficiency solutions, short lead time, best service to solved some problems of the Modiary  in the domestic market, such as slow response and long delivery time.The front-end production, quality system and financial system of the products during this period are under the custody of Modiary.

2017.05.02  In order to better serve the domestic lithium battery market, we decided expansion and relocation after more than a year market testing. BC-AngDi has been relocated which gross area has been expanded to 1800 square meters. The manufacturing workshop has been built from the original packaging of Modiary charger into plug-ins, assembly and packaging to realize the integration of production and manufacturing.

2017.12.01  BC-AngDi independent accounting , facing the growing market customer group, the internal process also needs to be refined, to simplify the internal process.Dongguan BC-AngDi and Shenzhen Modiary will operate personnel, quality, materials and finance independently, we still team up together help customer expand the market.

2018.08.01  In order to cooperate with more new opportunities in the market as well as meet the development needs of BC-AngDi , Dongguan BC-AngDi and Shenzhen Modiary jointly reorganized the core management staff to serve our customers perfectly.

2018.09.28  Due to our order increasing, the original factory could not meet the demand of market customers, so we decided to move Chinese Industrial Town - Bihu Industrial Park and  expanding the factory area to 5000 square meters that increasing the month output to 300,000-400,000pcs.

2018.12.01  BC-AngDi has established our own brand to meet the demand of Shenzhen Modiary and our foreign business. Set up the R&D department,reliability laboratory, completed the 30w-200w products for oversea market, obtained a number of multinational certification, patents and trademarks.

2019.05.15  BC-AngDi has founded foreign trade department, signed with Alibaba International to expand the oversea markets.

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