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Can lithium battery chargers charge lead-acid batteries?

Can lithium battery chargers charge lead-acid batteries?

There are currently two types of lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries on the market. These two types of chargers cannot be mixed, otherwise the batteries will be scrapped directly. Because lead-acid battery chargers are generally set to two-stage or three-stage charging modes, the voltage levels of lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries do not match. And there are many kinds of lithium batteries, battery performance and battery protection board parameters may be different. Therefore, lithium batteries do not have universal battery chargers like lead-acid batteries. Generally speaking, lithium batteries are shipped with a special charger. In order to protect the lithium battery, a special charger is required.

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Here are some things to note when charging lithium batteries:

1. In order to extend the life of the lithium battery, the lithium battery needs to be frequently charged and discharged. To get into the habit of charging electric bikes after 80% of their power usage, you ca n’t wait to run out of electricity before charging. In addition, lithium batteries must not be stored for a long time.

2. When charging the electric vehicle's rechargeable battery, the electric door lock must be closed, and the battery cannot be inverted. It should be fully charged at one time, and should not be charged in multiples.

3, electrical appliances should not be stored in a state of loss of electricity, so when the battery is not in use, you need to fully charge the battery once a month.

4. Lithium batteries require a matching charger when charging. Because the battery raw materials and the lithium battery production process are different, the technical requirements for the charger are different. Therefore, only using a dedicated charger for charging can make the lithium battery life longer. And prevent security risks.

5. When the lithium battery is out of power, you should turn off the power and ride. You cannot use the rebound voltage to prevent serious loss of power. This can prolong the battery life

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